Message To All Humanity: Trump Or No Trump, Either Way It’s About Freedom

As the deceptive, corrupt and dangerous war-salivating Obama administration walks out the door and as the Trump era in America begins, here’s a message to all of humanity about what really counts and what we should be guarding with all of our efforts. Freedom! In the end, it’s all about being free from government coercion and enslavement. This message conflicts with both the Left and Right paradigms to different degrees. While the modern-day “Right” generally wants smaller government, the Left wants big government. One supports restraining some freedoms of the individual if it interferes with government, authority and “order” (Right), while the other supports the idea of removing individual freedoms altogether in favor of the collective (Left).

A true Republic, however, would allow for the coexistence of anarchists who do nothing to harm others; whereas, under the Liberal Left (Communist) ideology true freedom could never be achieved. The criminality of the Obama and Bush administrations I believe must be dealt with as well as the criminality surrounding the Clintons and the DNC. We do not forget, and hopefully we’ll be talking a lot more about this in the coming months and years.

But in the meantime let’s put all this aside for a moment as we prepare for President-elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. I call for all to set aside your political and philosophical paradigms, ideologies and beliefs and consider, what does any of this mean if it’s not about freedom? Want to judge Trump’s years? Do it by measuring how much freedom his administration returns to the people. Do it by measuring how much of the Bush-Obama administrations fascist crack down on freedom his administration can reverse. Make no mistake, this is a massive reversal process which every single truth seeker and freedom lover must hold Trump to.

So my words to Donald Trump as he comes through the doors of this time period to seat himself as the President of the United States Corporation located in Washington D.C. is simple – Give us our freedoms, or should I say, please recognize the freedoms that we inherently have already and help turn the machinery you will lead into a protective force for these freedoms. Message sent.

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