Yasmine Elder What Made Her Pour Bleach Down her Boyfriend’s Throat?

Lawdt! What in the world is going on? A 24 year old woman named Yasmine Elder made headlines today and not for being involved in the Nicki and Remy beef. The mentally deranged woman is accused of pouring bleach down her boyfriend’s throat resulting in his death. Disclaimer: Children do not mix Clorox in your lean.

This has to be one of the saddest stories, the incident happened in a parking lot at 65th and Bishop streets in Chicago. Elder was involved in an altercation with her 26 year old boyfriend Darius Ellis. Details of the argument are not known. But around 1:45 am while parked the couple started verbally arguing in the car. Ellis got on top of her boyfriend and straddled him down with her knee while holding his dreadlocks. She demanded he swallow bleach before she let him go. When Darius refused Elder threw the bleach on his face and Darius accidentally swallowed a small amount. It was enough to cause sever swelling in Darius’ lungs which resulted in restricted breathing and eventually cardiac arrest.

Darius manage to free himself from the car but fell on the ground in the parking lot. Witnesses say he yelled he couldn’t breathe and Elder responded by laughing. Witnesses called the ambulance and 2 hours later Darius Ellis was pronounced dead.

In an statement to the news Ellis’ family said they hoped Yasmine would rot in jail.

Yasmine Elder might be dealing with bipolar disorder, which is a magnesium deficiency that results in various thoughts of paranoia and violent behavior. Magnesium is responsible for removing calcium from the brain after nerve endings use calcium for energy, but when calcium builds up in the brain it causes a multitude of violent and sometimes psychotic behavior.

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