7 Amazing Benefits of Swimming You Never Knew

Man has never been the same again ever since he was able to conquer the water. Swimming has gone from being a survival skill to a sport, with people even competing in the Olympics. But there’s another side of swimming that many people never pay any attention to, and that is the health side of it. There are so many benefits that swimming brings to the body, and some of the most notable ones include the following.

1. It Builds Muscle Strength


Swimming is a more wholesome way of exercise, unlike lifting weights that usually focuses on arm strength or walking that improves the legs only. Swimming involves the whole body when you are inside water. This leads to a more uniform and refined muscle build-up, which is good as you get to have a balanced body. With every kick of the leg, a pull of the arm, or a twist of the body, the muscles on your limbs strengthen up while your core stabilizes. This is the reason why swimming gets recommended by fitness instructors all the time.

2. Good for Relaxation


Floating on the water while facing up is one of the most relaxing activities you can ever do. You cannot pull it off if you have tensed muscles or if you are suffering from intense anxiety. You have to relax every bit of your body for you to float like that. This trains your body how to relax, and ultimately you gain more from it, especially if you are recovering from a recent illness or injury. Try this for 30 minutes and notice how your body will be relaxed by the time you go off to bed.

3. You Don’t Sweat


Well, in reality, you sweat, but since you are in the water, you will not see it. One of the best advantages of turning to water for your fitness routines is that you can kiss sweaty t-shirts goodbye. Swimming pool water is always cool, and the water will wash away your sweat as soon as it forms. With that in mind, just like any other workout that leaves you dehydrated, always drink water before swimming. Do not assume that being in water protects you from dehydration; drink enough at all times, even when you are not thirsty.

4. Burning Calories


Those that are used to swimming can agree on one thing; the activity can leave you very hungry after a few hours no matter how much you ate. That is proof enough of how swimming burns through what you have eaten for the day. Depending on the swimming stroke you chose to do, you could burn as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes of swimming. That is very impressive when you consider that you will be having fun while using a less strenuous form of exercising. This alone should be motivation enough for anyone battling with obesity to take up swimming.

5. Can Improve Your Sleep


Muscle tension and anxiety are the leading contributors to chronic insomnia, and getting a natural remedy for that can be hard for many. Swimming takes energy, but not in one swoop; it does it in a healthy, gradual way that leaves your body uniformly exhausted to the point where you cannot resist taking a nap. It has been found that senior citizens who have been suffering from insomnia started registering a good night’s sleep once they took up swimming. This beats taking sleep-inducing drugs that may have nasty side effects.

6. Good for Your Heart


Obesity has been linked to heart diseases and hypertension, and for the latter, there’s no cure at all other than managing it through lifestyle changes. You’d be forced to change your diet and forgo most of the things you used to enjoy having. However, there’s a faster way to make your heart healthier and to bring down your blood pressure, and that’s by hitting the pool.

Spending time inside cool waters brings down your heart rate, which gives your heart to catch some little break, something that can’t happen properly if you are lifting weights twice your size. So if you have been dealing with heart problems and high blood pressure, it is time to pay that membership fee at your local swimming club.

7. Beauty Treatment


Forget the swimming pool for a moment, swimming in open waters like the ocean and the sea is good for your skin. The natural salts present in the weather will scrub the skin clean off impurities and make it smoother over time. The saltwater also conditions the skin to retain moisture, and this makes it supple and soft, reducing skin breakouts and peeling off. If you live near an ocean or the sea, don’t waste the opportunity. Drive down to the beach and go for a skinny dip every weekend, and you’ll be surprised by the results.


Swimming is a highly recommended activity; it should be something that fits into your schedule at least once a week, whether you are trying to get fit or not. Nothing can ever go wrong with swimming. However, make an effort to get the right gear for swimming for the best experience and results. Invest in a swimming costume, a swimming cap, and a pair of Fetop goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine and other chemicals.

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