• 6 Ways Kids Can Learn About Investing – 2020 Guide

    While many people believe finances and the stock market are only “adult topics”, that doesn’t have to be the case. Your children can grasp these concepts easily, and starting early can help them become successful in the future. It’s also a great way to have them become interested in developing investing skills once they’re older. You shouldn’t underestimate your child,…

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  • Where Everything Started: Love Story Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

    Most people to the last did not believe that the actress would be able to win the heart of the red-haired prince and receive the long-awaited marriage proposal Harry’s ex-girlfriends had dreamed of. However, it happened, and Queen Elizabeth II officially gave her consent to the marriage of her grandson – which is important.

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  • What is Sovereignty?

    This subject or concept is a hot topic in the alternative community. I recently attended the Anarchapulco conference that featured a wide range of aspects of this important subject regarding our personal awakening and growing financial, legal and spiritual independence and empowerment. Cryptocurrencies were featured along with our current geopolitical situation and alternative lifestyle choices, while roundly exposing the futility…

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  • Feeling Strange? The Energies are Intense

    Aloha All, James [Gilliland] asked me to update you all on what’s been happening energetically and why you may be feeling anxious, irritable, flowing between anger and grief and almost feeling like you can’t stand to be in your skin. If you’re not feeling it, others around you may be and if they are not conscious of what’s happening then…

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  • What was Syria Like Before the War? A Conversation with Mother Agnes Mariam

      Mike Robinson speaks to Mother Agnes Mariam about the situation in Syria, the media coverage of it and both the political peace process and her own Reconciliation Initiative.

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