Why It’s So Hard For You to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

During pregnancy the woman’s body changes in so many different ways. A new life and a new human being are growing inside the woman’s womb and the whole body changes because of the hormones and the baby getting formed inside her. During this magical period women can gain between 10 and 40 pounds, but it all depends on the woman, the baby, her eating habits, and her overall look and BMI. It is said that you will lose those pounds in the first year after you give birth, but that is not always the case. Some women say that they never shed the baby pounds, or that they are having too much trouble to lose weight after the birth of the baby.

In this article, we are going to talk about this difficult subject that is something a lot of women, and men want to know more about. Here, we will give you some of the reasons why is it so hard to shed the baby pounds after you give birth, and we will also give you some ideas on how you can do that with ease. Note that every person’s body is different, and some of you will gain fewer pounds, and lose them slower, while others may gain a lot of weight, and lose it much faster. The only thing you need to remember is that you need to be healthy and happy. You should not worry about the numbers on the scale, and you should focus on your health, both physical and emotional. Take your time, give yourself a break, and know that this is all completely normal.

1. Eating habits


The first thing we are going to talk about is your overall eating habits. New moms try to steer away from eating unhealthy things, and they try to limit the sugar consumption, but we forget about one important thing – finishing everything your little one did not want to eat.

In the first months after the baby is born, their only diet is milk, but soon after, we start introducing new types of food in their diet. We start making different types of purees, smoothies, and soft food, and we usually make more than our little one can eat.

The biggest mistake every new mom makes a few months after giving birth is finishing all the things your little one didn’t eat. When you think about it, it’s not a lot of food, but finishing even one small jar several times per day, combined with your normal meals, slowly but surely leads to you not being able to lose the weight.

So, you should try to steer away from doing that. Just because your baby or toddler couldn’t finish it, it does not mean that you should. Try to make smaller portions, or divide them for several meals so that your son or daughter can finish them throughout the day.

Pay attention to the overall things you eat, steer away from fatty foods, but know you can allow yourself to eat some dessert once in a while.

According to, if it is too hard for yourself to pay attention to the things you consume throughout the day, then maybe you should think about starting a diet, or a food regimen. Things like the Keto diet or the Intermittent Fasting can help you shed pounds without feeling hungry or like you are missing out.

2. Free time


The next thing that’s stopping you from losing your baby weight is the fact that you don’t have as much free time as you did before. In most countries in the world, the new mom can stay with the newborn for up to two years of their life, but this also means that you need to focus on them at all times.

Most women say that in the first few months after the baby is born, it feels like they’ve forgotten about themselves and their personal needs. Your whole life revolves around your child, and having enough time to take a quick shower feels like a vacation.

This is a mistake that every new mom is making. We are not saying that you should not be with your baby all the time, but you need to take some time for yourself as well. Getting someone to help you out for a few hours throughout the week can help a lot when it comes to losing some pounds.

Your husband, partner, family, or friends can take care of the little one for an hour or two every other day, and you should use that time to go for a walk, hike, or just to hit the gym. These things will not only help you get in shape faster, but you will also feel better.

3. Mental health


Postpartum depression is not something that’s taboo right now, and it is said that more than 70 percent of all the women who give birth will experience at least some form of postpartum depression. For some women, the signs and symptoms may be small and almost not noticeable, while others will experience the more severe form of it.

Even though this condition is no longer taken as something that doesn’t exist, there are too many women who are afraid to share their feelings and will try to keep it a secret. This condition can lead to weight gain, and it can also stop you from losing the weight that you already gained throughout the pregnancy.

If you notice that you are feeling any of the symptoms, you should not be ashamed to share them and talk about them. You can choose to talk to your loved ones or to look for professional help, and know that this is not something that’s happening only to you, and there are a lot of ways to cope with the symptoms. The sooner you take care of your mental health, the easier it is going to be for you to start battling that extra weight.

Losing the baby pounds is not easy for everyone, but as long as you are persistent, and as long as you put time and effort into it, you are going to do that. Follow a food regimen, take your time, give your body time to heal, try to exercise, and don’t forget that you need to drink a lot of water. It will not happen overnight, but in just a few months you will be able to reach the number you had before you got pregnant.

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