8 Tips for Winning Your Motorbike Accident Case – 2024 Guide

We live in modern and hectic times where speed becomes a must – and that’s why they use of motorcycles has flourished. Having to rush to work every day, people get stuck in horrible traffic jams, having to waste their precious time sitting in the car and worrying if their boss will make a fuss about them being late for work. In the United States, cities are always developing, which means that more and more complex roads are being built which are used by an ever-increasing number of cars and other vehicles.

People hate wasting time and some of them have a desire for greater mobility, which is why they opt for riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car. Hurrying everywhere and juggling many things at once can lead to trouble. As with every transportation type, accidents take place with motorcycles as well. However, after the incident, their owners have fewer legal rights than car drivers, which is the reason why everyone should read about the ways they can win a case like this if a misfortune like this happens.

1. Wear a helmet anyway


If you wear a helmet and other protective gear regularly and if you were wearing them even when the crash happened, you’ll be entitled to larger compensation from the insurance company. However, if you didn’t wear it and suffered certain injuries, it’s still advisable to consult a personal injury attorney to see if you can file a lawsuit. You’ll most likely receive some compensation, but it will be of a lesser amount, and the whole legal process behind your situation will be more complex.

2. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages before you go on a ride

It makes common sense not to be intoxicated while you’re driving any kind of vehicle. If you were sober and drove according to the law when the unfortunate event occurred, the insurance company won’t have any data that may be used against you. But if the police realize that you were riding your motorbike under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, things might go wrong for you. So, even if you don’t expect the accident to happen, respect these rules just to be on the safe side.

3. Go to the emergency or seek other types of medical treatment


First things first, most bike crashes are way more serious than car accidents, due to various factors. Cars have certain protective factors, such as airbags and bodywork within the vehicle, which can at least slightly reduce the impact. Motorcycles don’t have these, which is why the bikers are much more susceptible to injuries.

That is why it’s crucial to seek medical treatment. If you have suffered minor injuries, it’s also advisable to have a medical checkup, as it’s helpful to establish the timing of the event and the links between the accident and the injury. Also, the paperwork containing your diagnosis and ways of treatment can be present as a significant puzzle piece in your legal case. We also advise you to be patient and stay off of work as long as it takes.

4. Call the police first – don’t run away from them

It’s recommended to call the police as soon as you are able to, even if the incident wasn’t serious or if it was your fault. They can take all the necessary information about the event and details about the other driver, as it’s equally important in order to determine which fault the crash was and why it happened. The police report with all the relevant and comprehensive data can also provide you with significant assistance, especially if you weren’t responsible for the accident. If that’s the case, your chances of winning will be much bigger.

5. Contact an injury lawyer


A motorcycle injury lawyer can help you in various ways and finding the appropriate one is the step that shouldn’t be missed. The goal is to get as much compensation as possible, and lawyers with many years of experience will hold onto every significant document and tell the client the things they have to do or avoid doing in order to obtain the best outcome. The attorneys usually prepare a settlement request and do their best to avoid your case going to trial. Another great thing about personal injury lawyers is that they can evaluate your case online before you hire them like does.

The lawyers also work for a contingency fee, which means that the clients don’t have to pay anything before the settlement is received. After winning the case, the lawyer gets some percentage from the obtained amount of money.

6. Don’t repair the vehicle.

Most lawyers will recommend not to repair your vehicle because it is a big piece of evidence. The damaged vehicle will serve as proof of the seriousness of the crash, which is a great benefit for the victim. Accident reconstruction specialists may be called in to testify for your situation, and they’ll evaluate and present the state of the vehicle that was involved in the incident. This should add more clarity to the event that occurred.

7. Fortify your case with pictures


Take pictures of the damaged vehicles and the road in order to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. It’s also wise to ask the medical professionals to take pictures of your injuries before and after your recovery to back up your case. Also, if there were witnesses of the crash, talk to them and ask them for their contact information if you need their testimonials.

8. Don’t discuss your situation openly on social networks

Many people who suffered a crash make the mistake of openly sharing content about their misfortune on social networks, which isn’t the smartest move. The other party’s legal team and the insurance company may be on the lookout for any information that may be used against you and compromise you, in their favor. It’s better to keep sensitive details to yourself and your family.


While a crash can turn out to be a true inconvenience, it’s good to know that there are some easy precautions that you can take before going for a ride or in the case of an accident. Avoid drinking and wear a helmet. If anything unfortunate happens, seek help from the medical staff and police immediately. Doing all this will make sure you act as a responsible citizen – and, well, might help you get the best out of the not-so-enviable situation such as this.

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