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  • Net Worth

    Who is Malik Williams of Love Hip Hop Miami?

    1. Malik Williams’ net worth is estimated at $200K. The “brand ambassador” was signed on to the show 2 months into filming Love and Hip Hop Miami. He rumored salary is $1,000 per episode but also in his contract is a $20,000 fee for attending the reunion special which will film in March. 2. Malik’s ex is co-star Jeffrey aka…

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  • Actor

    Is Vin Diesel Gay?

    Although we wish it were true, it’s not. Vin Diesel became one of the hottest searches on the internet when video and photos of a play date he and his kids had were released. The 6 foot tall buff 49 year old has always made mouth’s drool since his film debut. But seeing the heartthrob take on the role of…

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  • Sport

    Who is Charlie Weis Jr

    Birthday: 1993 Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey Spouse: Jennifer Weis Occupation: Offensive Coordinator Siblings: Hannah Parents: Charlie and Maura Weis 1. According to SB Nation Charlie Weis Jr was hired by Lane Kiffin as FAU’s new Offensive Coordinator. The now 24 year old worked with Kiffin at Alabama on Nick Saban’s staff.  Lane Kiffin’s dad was a coach and some suggest…

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  • News

    Aaron Alexis

    34 year old Aaron Alexis from Fort Worth walked into D.C. Navy Yard and shot 25 people on the third and fourth floors. He was working as a civilian contractor

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  • Football player

    Aaron Hernandez Net Worth

    How Much Is Aaron Hernandez Worth? New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez recently signed a five year extension ending in 2018. He was set to earn over

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  • Reality star

    Jessica Dime Gets $30K for Club Appearances

    Spring is in the air and so is money. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Jessica Dimepiece is getting major cash for a 2 hour club appearance. This season on the popular reality series Dimepiece took a major pay cut but that didn’t stop her from getting paid outside the show. According to sources Jessica Dime was booked by Club…

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  • Model

    Cassandra Lynn Hensley

    Birthday: August 15, 1979 Birthplace: Salt Lake Valley, Utah Birth name: Cassandra Lynn Hensley 34 year old former Playmate Cassandra Lynn Hensley was found dead in her friend’s bathtub. It was originally announced by authorities that her death was the result of an overdose. Her friend was the person who contacted authorities to send EMT’s to the scene. Sadly Hensley…

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  • TV Show

    Bow Wow Baby Mama Smashing Yung Berg?

    Love and Hip Hop: LA is set to premiere in September. And according to all the blogs this series will be just as turnt as the Atlanta spin off. The series will feature a few bigger names than Atlanta but the same amount of drama. Video vixen turned baby mama Miss Joie will be featured on the series. According to…

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  • Politician

    #BernieorBust Oh The Irony

    The Political Movement that Never Was Political Just Social Sorry my millennial peers but as a 29 year old who doesn’t have a lot of twitter followers and fails to get more than 10 double taps on my instagram pics, I have to be honest, this Anti-Establishment, Pro Bernie, Anti-Fracking, #NeverHillary political movement is nothing more than a trending topic…

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  • TV Show

    Did Angela Simmons Catch Sutton Tennyson With Another Man?

    2017 has been filled with it’s share of natural disasters and political scandals. But the year’s end came with another random surprise. It was announced via Instagram that Angela Simmons broke up with, the father of her first and only child, Sutton Tennyson. The young entrepreneur and daughter of Rap legend Reverend Run left a bittersweet note on Instagram. I…

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