Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

You can build your career on good looks, but, eventually, that’s going to fade away, which is exactly what happened to so many celebrities. Some of them managed to cover up their age, but some were not that good at it. Take a look at these celebs who aged horribly.

Pamela Anderson

She might have been the most desired woman in the world once, but, let’s face it – she’s far from that now. The Baywatch star has changed A LOT since her most popular days.


Val Kilmer

Remember him in Top Gun and TGI Fridays? Did you even recognize him now? We understand if you didn’t, given how much he has ballooned since his young days.



In case you didn’t know it, Lil-Kim is only 44 years old, though we bet you thought she was older. What’s even worse is that she has had numerous surgeons try make her look younger, but it turned out quite the opposite, right?


Kathleen Turner

Back in the 80s, she was one of the hottest stars; however, she has gained quite a lot ever since. It seems like Kathleen went from Romancing the Stone to robbing the refrigerator late at night.


Janet Jackson

Of course you’re going to be in the public eye if your Michael Jackson’s sister, and of course everyone’s going to notice when you become so plastic, right?


Courtney Love

Courtney Love is perhaps the best possible example of what drugs can do to you. She was the wife of the late Kurt Cobain, but now is just a woman trampled over by years of doing drugs.


Jessica Simpson

Remember Dukes of Hazzard reboot? Jessica Simpson was hot back then, but now she seems like a completely different person. Well, we’re sure she wouldn’t be able to fit into that tiny pair of denim cut-off shorts now.


Macaulay Culkin

We all remember that adorable boy from Home Alone. However, the grown-up version is not that appealing. He has had a bit of a breakdown between childhood and adulthood, but, in spite of that, he might be able to regain his acting career in the future.


Prince William

Well, we guess it’s quite clear that not even $7 billion in the bank can help you with the horrors of time. Not only is his Royal Highness now bald, but it seems he has lost his charm, too.


Pierce Brosnan

Remember how Pierce Brosnan once was 007? It might not look like it now, though, given he barely looks like himself.


John Travolta

We all remember how hot John Travolta was in Saturday Night Fever and Grease back in the 70s. And then in the 90s, he started gaining weight and it seems like it’s only getting worse as time goes by.


Donatella Versace

Oh my, this is an extreme case… Yes, she comes from such a famous family, but it seems that can’t help her much after the botched plastic surgery that made her look this awful.


Amanda Lepore

When you look at this one, you can’t help but wonder: does she really think she looks good?


Britney Spears

Once the young person of America, Britney Spears today looks far worse. She was the princess of the generation, but now she just looks exhausted, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise given her lifestyle.


Daniella Westbrook

You might remember that cute young girl from Eastenders? Well, now she is a woman with no septum after consuming too much cocaine. It fell out. For real.


Lisa Kelly

Here’s another example of what a lifetime of drug abuse can do to you. She looked so good in That 70’s Show, but died at only 43, looking like this.


Amy Winehouse

And once again – drugs. Sadly, Amy was even younger when she passed away (27), though some might say she looked like she was 40 or even more.


Tara Reid

Can you believe that she was once the cover girl for dozens of men’s and fashion magazines? We’re not quite sure what exactly happened there, as she’s only 40 now.


Carrie Fisher

Of course everyone will always remember her as Princess Leia, but, sadly, she changed quite a lot long before she passed away in 2017.


Melanie Griffith

She began her career in non-speaking roles, but then ended up winning the nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for Working Girl. Well, it might be said that she worked quite hard to earn it and aged hard for it, as well.


Lindsay Lohan

Here’s another well-known example of how drugs can ruin your life. Lindsay Lohan was a girl with so many potentials, but now her only goal is to stay clean and go back into society.



He became famous as the guy who married Britney Spears, and he appeared in a Burger King advertisement. Well, now he looks like he never left Burger King.


Elsa Patton

And now here’s another example of why you should never ever choose plastic surgery. The star of The Real Housewives Of Miami herself now speaks out against having surgery.


Kirstie Alley

When she appeared in Cheers, she became the national sex symbol. However, now she looks nothing like that.


Goldie Hawn

Well, truth be told, Goldie Hawn has lost the beauty she once boasted, but hey, she’s still married to Kurt Russell, that’s something, right?


Pauly Perrette

Pauly Perrette is known for her role on the hit show NCIS as Abby Sciuto. When she appeared 12 years ago, she looked like a perky punk, but she has aged quite a lot ever since.


Well, that would be all. We’re sure you already knew about some of the stars mentioned above, but some did come as quite a shocking surprise. Nonetheless, no matter how much they changed over the course of time and why, we can’t and shouldn’t deny what they achieved in their careers. Sadly, some of the late ones can serve as an example for the young today to learn that they must always say no to drugs and avoid turning their lives into a nightmare.

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