• 25 Celebrities That Work Regular Jobs

    With fame comes the money and with money comes responsibility. But a lot of celebrities have a hard time handling the money. Some celebrities had to find everyday jobs to survive. You’ll be shocked at what these 25 former celebrities are doing now.

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  • Photo of Who is Nina Parker?

    Who is Nina Parker?

    How Much Nina Parker aka Mz Gossip Girl Gets Paid for LHH Reunions? Birthplace: Sacramento, California Birthday: October 22, 1979 Nina Parker Net Worth 2019: $1 million Seven seasons in Love and Hip Hop and it doesn’t look like the franchise is slowing down a bit. Ratings are still through the roof making the series the highest rated show on…

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  • Photo of You Won’t Believe the Net Worth of These Celebrities

    You Won’t Believe the Net Worth of These Celebrities

    Some celebrities are so rich that they can buy islands, but some have even less money than regular people. You won’t believe how much money some celebrities have and you also won’t believe that some of them are on the edge of existence. 1. Nicolas Cage has a net worth of $25 million. He is known for spending too much…

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  • Photo of Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

    Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

    You can build your career on good looks, but, eventually, that’s going to fade away, which is exactly what happened to so many celebrities. Some of them managed to cover up their age, but some were not that good at it. Take a look at these celebs who aged horribly.

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  • Photo of Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

    Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

    Real Name: Cameron Jibril Tomaz Birthday: September 8, 1987 Birthplace: Minot, North Dakota Net Worth: $45 Million Fiance: Amber Rose(m. 2013–2016) Son: Bash Height: 6’4 Weight: 185.2 lbs Twitter:@WizKhalifa Weed smoking skinny denim wearing Wiz Khalifa has come along ways in just a few years. From failing to chart as an independent artist to engaged to the most wanted female…

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  • Willie Robertson Net Worth

    Willie Robertson and his family may become the highest paid people on television. Duck Dynasty is the highest rated reality series and Willie commands $1 million

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  • Photo of Tom Cruise Net Worth

    Tom Cruise Net Worth

    Tom Cruise one of the highest paid actors of all time earning $75 Million in Mission Impossible III. His movies grossed over $3 Billion. In 2013 net worth..

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  • Photo of Terrence Jenkins Net Worth

    Terrence Jenkins Net Worth

    From television host to movie star Terrence J has built a career for himself from his fateful audition for a spot on 106th. His net worth is $4 million...

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  • Photo of Jim McCoy Net Worth | Bio | Wiki

    Jim McCoy Net Worth | Bio | Wiki

    Jim McCoy is the descendant of Samuel McCoy the brother of Randall. Today Jim is looking to make a better life for his children Courtney, John and James..

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  • Photo of Kim Wallace from Love and Hip Hop Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

    Kim Wallace from Love and Hip Hop Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

    Don’t be fooled by the cornrows and Brooklyn accent but Miss Kim Wallace is banking big this season of #LHH. For the past 4 years we’ve seen Mendeecees spend time with his son, Kim’s grandson Lil Mendeecees. And it kept viewers tuned in for the bright spot of the drama filled series. But since Harris’s sentence it seems like the…

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